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Why was only a part of my reimbursement request paid?

Partial reimbursement payments always include a letter that explains why your reimbursement was not paid in full. If you do not understand the letter you can call us, toll free, at 1.877.837.5017.

I checked the website and it says that my check has already been sent to me but I haven't received it yet? What's happening?

Sometimes everything is processed on time but there is a delay at the post office. Be sure to call us, toll free, at 1.877.837.5017 to verify that we have the correct address on file for you. If your address is incorrect or needs to be updated, simply use the change of address form section of the reimbursement form and be sure to sign it, and mail or fax to us as instructed on the form.

Can I get a direct deposit form online?

You can just send us a Direct Deposit Request Form and a cancelled or voided check if you wish to be set up for direct deposit.

Can I submit this form online?

No, it is not an interactive form. You can print the form, complete the information and then, if you have a scanner, scan your form and a copy of your check and email to It might be easier to just print the form, complete it and fax to us with a copy of your check.

Will I get statements during the year?

Depending on your employer benefitexpress may send you a Quarterly Account Balance statement but remember that you can check your balance online at any time.

What happens if I move? How can I notify you of a change of address?

There is an area for this information right on the actual reimbursement form. Simply use the change of address section of the reimbursement form. Be sure to sign the form, and mail or fax to us as instructed on the form.

Can I use my Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the company's health plan as proof of a claim for my Health Care Spending Account?

Yes, in fact this is an excellent document to use. Your Explanation of Benefits, often referred to as EOB, will act as proof of service for your claim. An EOB statement identifies benefits paid, as well as those not paid, under the terms of the health plan. The unpaid benefits may be eligible for reimbursement from your Health Care Account.