Access your account to check your balance and to view processed claims.
Remember to Fax all claims to: 1-253-793-3766

Sending Claims

How do I send in a claim for reimbursement?

Here is the Reimbursement Request Form you need to use to send us a claim:

Click Here for FSA Reimbursement Request Form - Please print, complete and sign.

How to send in the Reimbursement Form:

Please fax completed FSA Reimbursement Request Forms to: 1.253.793.3766 or email to FSA Claims Administrator by clicking here.

Note: All reimbursement request forms received by 4:00 PM CST on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on your employer), are processed by Friday of the same week. If you are unsure of your claim cut off, this information is available by logging into your account online and checking the announcements under the “Communications” Tab. You can email reimbursement forms by clicking here but we must also receive documentation that follows the IRS guidelines before we can process the claim for payment.

If you have any questions or problems, please call the benefitexpress Service Center at: 1.877.837.5017 or email us at - Thank you.