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Dependent Care Expense Calculator

Dependent Care Spending Account or Child Care Tax Credit

One issue to consider is whether you should claim the child care tax credit on your federal income tax return or use this account. You cannot claim the same expenses in both places.

Generally, if the total adjusted annual income for your household is $24,000 or more, you are likely to benefit more if you use the dependent care spending account. If your household's total adjusted income is less than $24,000, your individual tax situation (marital status, income level, number of dependents receiving care, etc.) will determine which is better. Keep in mind that you cannot take a child care tax credit if your spouse does not earn any income. A tax advisor can help you determine which approach is better for you.

If Care is Provided in Your Home

Estimated Annual Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Wages or salary paid to care provider
Employer's portion of FICA tax you pay
Other eligible household services

If Care is Provided Outside Your Home

Wages or salary paid to care provider
Payment to a licensed day care facility
Summer Day Camp