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Flexible Spending Account Calculators

A Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a reimbursement account offered by employers. It allows you to save money for healthcare costs before taxes are taken out, which can leave you with more money to spend on other things.

The calculators below can help you figure out how much money to contribute to your FSA. It takes just a few quick minutes, during which we'll ask you about your income and healthcare expenses for this coming year. Then, you'll receive an FSA savings estimate that's tailored to your needs. For privacy reasons, the information that you enter is not saved.
This site provides an overview of Healthcare FSAs for informational purposes only.

Any monies you contribute to the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account reduce the amount you can claim as a Child Tax Credit on your income tax return. The value the Child Tax Credit has is based on your income bracket. IRS Publication 17 offers guidance on calculating the credit to determine which will be more advantageous for you personally.